Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Plaza de Armas (Tarma)

Every town in Peru has a Plaza de Armas. It's the central square, and the center of activity of the town. It's like a popular mall in the US, with swarms of people in the afternoon and evenings, and casual strollers in the morning.

This is a picture of the Plaza in Tarma this morning:

This is a closeup of the couple you see in the foreground of the picture above. They are just sitting around, relaxing, and soaking up the sun:

Tarmeñan women also enjoy the morning sunshine in the Plaza:

All the Plazas de Armas have a cathedral, and we have a nice one here in Tarma, the cathedral of Santa Ana. It was rebuilt in the 1952 by the then president of Peru, Manuel Odría, a native of Tarma, who is buried here.

The cathedral has beautiful stained-glass windows, this one of Moses:

And this one of Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem:

The interior is beautiful:

That's the Plaza de Armas in Tarma, Peru.

As we passed by there today, after Beverly's music class at the LDS chapel, we ran into Melanie, a member from Lima and her non-member friend, an investigator who lives here in Tarma. They walked us home. Melanie even carried Beverly's musical keyboard:

We invited them in for "gaseosa" (soda pop). They were such nice women and so fun to talk to:

Every day is an adventure in Tarma.


Sharon said...

The cathedral is lovely and probably quite old, right? I love the stained glass! Great pictures:-)

Russ said...

Those cathedral pictures turned out so nice. I never dared go in the ones in my areas.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful stained glass windows!