Thursday, May 21, 2009

P-Day Lunch with Young Elders

We have the young elders (is that an oxymoron?) over for lunch just about every P-Day, and we like to post their pictures because their families come to our blog hoping to get news about them.

Well, they are all doing well. They are healthy, happy, and working hard. Left to right: Elders Santos, Bates, Illachura, and Méndez.

After lunch (spaghetti, garlic bread, tossed salad, and cake), they played a round of Uno before heading out for a day of preparation, diversion, and work.

We love 'em.


Sharon said...

No missionaries in the world work harder on P-day than you two do! What a great service you do for the young elders. I'm sure they appreciate it.

Gwen said...

I sure wish we had some senior couple missionaries in Peru Lima North !! You are a answer to prayers I'm sure - for missionary mom's in Peru Lima East :) Keep up the good work.

Our son is serving in PLNM