Monday, May 18, 2009

Signs of the Times

When you take a 5-hour drive through the high Andes, with up-and-down elevation changes (between 10,000-14,000 feet above sea level), along switchbacks and through dozens of small farming villages, you see lots of signs. (Click to view the entire picture in full size):

Most of the signs are self-explanatory, but some may need translation:

Conserve el medio ambiente = Conserve the Environment
Pare = Stop! (Most drivers just ignore this sign)
Puccacocha = An example of the name of a town (most of these names are in Quechua)
Zona de Curvas Pronunciadas = Zone of Pronounced (Sharp) Curves
Zona de Neblina = Fog Zone
Zona Urbana = Urban (small town or city) Zone
No Arroje Basura a las Cunetas = Don't Throw Garbage in the Ditch (Also usually ignored)
Plazoleta a 500 m = Turn-out 500 meters ahead (to allow others to pass)
Protejamos Nuestra Carratera No Las Destruyas = Let's Protect our Highways. Don't Destroy Them
Peligro Caen Piedras Grandes = Danger Big Rocks Fall (Our favorite sign.)
No Adelantar = Don't Pass (Yeah, right!)
Centro Educativo = Educational Center (School Zone)

You also might not recognize some of the symbols. One is a speed-bump warning (even the smallest little village has speed bumps). Another is a picture of rocks falling on a car (it nearly happened to us!).


Anonymous said...

I like the collage o' signs--fun post.

Sharon said...

Adorable! Doubt I'll ever drive in Peru...but when we come, our driver better pay close attention to every one of those signs.