Sunday, November 30, 2008

Answers to Prayers

As I prepared for and left on our mission, I had five major prayers in my heart. I pleaded before the Lord to receive the following five blessings:

  1. An increased testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Health and protection that my heart and the rest of my body could endure the rigors of missionary work and the travel challenges in this, the mission with the most changes in elevation of any mission in the world.
  3. The gift of tongues and the gift of interpretation of tongues for me and for Beverly, so that we could speak and understand Spanish and so that we could speak with the voice of angels in proclaiming the gospel.
  4. The gift of discovering the mysteries of the scriptures, that is, having the knowledge, applications, and sacred truths of the scriptures opened to me.
  5. I wanted Beverly and me to gain a stronger testimony that our calling as missionaries and our assignment to the Peru Lima East Mission came from the Lord.

I now acknowledge and witness that He has answered my prayers in wonderful and miraculous ways. I have given examples of some of these here in this blog (see the blog on how well my heart handles the rigors of traveling through the Andes) and will give other examples in future blogs. The Lord has been good to us.


Russ said...

With as difficult as the mission is, you're forced to rely heavily on the Lord. It's nice to hear that your prayers are being answered. We're praying for you too. I love you guys.

Andrea said...

What a wonderful blessing your mission has been. I have gained a better testimony through your example and am going to take the challenge to read the Book of Mormon in four months. It has been since BOM 101 since I've read it all the way through.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Glad you sent an update on your mission, I did read the pages from your mom's book.......Dean added them. We're glad your health has been good. Peru is a lot better than I pictured in my mind. It's beautiful! Bev, your dinner looked great! Also glad you're getting the piano experience. We love you both and are also praying for our missionaries. Destry enters the MTC in the morning.