Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Attending our First Baptism

Last week we attended the baptism of Nito Dinklang, who lives with his family in a very nice home in our neighborhood. His wife has been a member of the church for several years. She and their two children (Sharela, 16, and Sandro, 8) were thrilled when Brother Dinklang started having the missionary discussions. Several weeks ago, the missionaries in our area took us to visit Brother Dinklang at his home. A few days later, Sister Dinklang and the kids visited us. We love this family.

At his baptism Brother Dinklang said, “The missionaries taught me in a manner not to convince me, but to open my eyes. My family is an example to me. I have much respect for you members of the ward and I feel like one of you. I know that the Lord has brought me to the church. The Lord is always with us. If you’re angry, God still answers your prayers. The Elders had to teach me this.” It was a wonderful baptismal service and we are so happy for the Dinklang family.

This picture shows Karin Dinklang, Sharela Dinklang, Elder Gurel, Sandro Dinklang, Bishop Prieto, Nito Dinklang, and Elder Shiflett.
Elders Gurel and Shiflett are actually from the Bolivia Mission. They are here in Peru until the political unrest in Bolivia is over. They are very hard-working missionaries.

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