Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting Around Lima

Lima is a huge, bustling, congested, foggy-smoggy city of over 11 million inhabitants. Transportation by Orem, Utah, standards is a nightmare.

Here´s a picture of a typical bus. The man hanging out the door is the ¨cobrador¨(the person who collects the money), but the gringos here call him or her the ¨barker,¨ because he or she barks out the destinations of the bus, in a loud, machine-gun type voice. The buses usually hold many, many, many more people than can reasonably fit into one bus.

In Lima everyone ignores the stop signs. You can also make a right or left turn from any lane. Is it legal? I don´t know, but everyone does it, as shown here. The pedestrian is running for her life, because pedestrians NEVER have the right of way.


Andrea said...

I've been to Peru and Mexico and have feared my life in both places. From what I can tell Thailand is the same way...crazy!

I loved this funny post!

Sharon said...

Does this remind you of Brazil?
Sure does me! Yikes!