Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Elder D. Todd Christopherson was the speaker at the first official missionary meeting that we attended, a conference for all of the missionaries serving in Lima (5 missions). Elder Christopherson is an amazing speaker. He spoke in fluent, beautiful, native-like Spanish. It was a spiritual feast.

The meeting was held at the Missionary Training Center in Lima, with about 800 missionaries that work in Lima and are currently at the MTC here. About 75% of the missionaries are Latinos and 25% North Americans. Here is a picture of missionaries mainly from our mission, the Peru Lima East. The picture shows a higher percent of North Americans at the front, because that is where the choir sat, and most of the choir members were gringos.


Zach said...

Hey Cougar!

That's my uncle! He's pretty cool, eh?

aka baldmanrunning

Sharon said...

Oh that mission conference is just beautiful! There's nothing better than a room full of elders and sisters is there?