Monday, November 24, 2008

Mission Ups and Downs--Literally

Just like all missionaries, we have our ups and downs, but here I'm talking about literal ups and downs. We live in the mission with the greatest elevation changes required to go from one missionary zone to another of any mission in the world. Here is the elevation profile of our 5-day trip through the Andes Mountains to hold Multi-Zone Conferences with the missionaries.

And here are pictures of the high point, 4818 meters (15,800 feet) above sea level:

A high mountain lake near Ticlio:


Russ said...

That's incredible! King's Peak (the highest altitude in Utah) is 13,528 feet. At the top I felt like gasping to get air.

Sharon said...

Amazing! Just happy your heart can take it and that it's your "altitude" and not your "attitude". Doubt there was ever any question about that.