Saturday, November 22, 2008

Faces in the Peru Lima East Mission

Beverly plays the Zone activity, Temblores y Terremotos (Tremors and Earthquakes), with two sister missionaries:

Four happy missionaries of the Peru Lima East Mission:

Here´s a picture from another recent baptism (Anna Navarro), by two of our favorite elders, Elders Shiflett (far left) and Gurel (far right). They are disappointed that they had to leave their original missions in Bolivia and come to Peru, but Hermana Navarro, and our ward bishop, think they are angels sent from heaven. We agree.

It´s impossible to overstate how wonderful, dedicated, handsome, and effective the Latino missionaries are in spreaking the Truth in our mission. The Latinos come from Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Central American, and other Latin American countries. What a blessing they are to Peru! Here are three of them who work in Lima:

Three sister missionaries. The sisters in our mission are exceptional! They work hard, they teach, and they ¨baptize¨!


Eric said...

I love the pictures and the updates...if you get a chance, can you quickly explain why missionaries from Bolivia would be relocated to Peru. I'm behind the times. Love you!!

Sharon said...

Those missionaries are so beautiful and powerful!!!!!