Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Elders of La Merced, Peru

Hello to the parents of Elder Hurst, from Dallas, Oregon. Is your son´s picture among these pictures of the human pyramid? During our Mult-Zone Conference in La Merced (at the edge of the Peruvian jungle, at the side of the river Perené, whose waters eventually drain into the Amazon River), the special activity during the break in the 5-hour conference was building human pyramids. Here are the pictures. If Elder Hurst isn´t among those in these two pictures, we´ll post some others later. We met him and talked to him for a while. Great missionary!

This zone completed their pyramid--almost.

This shows the beautiful sky and mountains surrounding the green (and very hot and humid) jungle town of La Merced, with the LDS chapel and the missionaries.

A big pyramid just as it collapsed:

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Anonymous said...

You are so kind to have included those pictures for us - it made my day! I'm pretty sure he's in the first picture, bottom row, second from left with blue-tone tie. Looks like it was a great activity!