Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Inside Our Apartment

Just to give you an idea of what our living quarters looks like, here are a few pictures.

Bathroom. The sink doesn´t have hot water. The other bathroom has hot water, but not cold water.

Bedroom with ironing board:

Our dining room table, which we use as our study desks:

Our living room, with nice leather couches:

The laundry room sink, where we used to wash our clothes, before getting a washing machine:

Scott with our fridge (tiny) and new microwave (small):


Sharon said...

It's so interesting that everything in missionary apartments outside the USA looks exactly the same around the world! Everything is small, basic and clean - almost "doll house" size:-)

No fluff, nor decor at all:-) We saw the same thing in Brazil. Just glad you're getting the basics you need - right?

Whitney said...

Definitely not your beautiful home in Orem, but looks like it will be a very nice place for the next little while. I am so very excited for you both. Especially tonight as I watch the election coverage, I just think, "oh, how nice it was last election on my mission not to even worry about this." Best of luck! You are in my prayers!

Eric said...

I love it! I knew the computers would show up somewhere! (I love you both so much!)