Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Foods of Peru

Here are a few more typical foods of Peru.

Bifstec a lo Pobre (Poor man´s beef steak), with steak, eggs, rice, french fries, and fried banana.

Pollo a la naranja (orange chicken), here served with rice and vegetables.

Pollo a la Milanesa, which is a fried, flattened chicken breast. Here it is served with yuca frita (fried yuca, a type of root plant) and plátanos fritos (fried bananas).

Guanábana juice. The juice was delicious, somewhat like piña colada (without alcohol, of course). Scott had never heard of the fruit, so the restaurant worker brought one out for him to see.

Pollo a la Pizola. This is a favorite among missionaries in Huancayo. It´s a pizza made with flattened chicken breast instead of pizza crust. It´s fabulous.

This picture shows how a store in Huancayo sells their bananas--in a glass container in the front window of the store.


Ryan said...

I miss bistec a lo pobre in Chile! It looks like you're enjoying some great food there!

robow8 said...

YUM! It all looks delicious!

Eric said...


Russ said...

Mmm... I love steak and eggs. The food looks great!