Thursday, November 6, 2008

Peruvian Foods

We live near a big supermarket, so we buy most of our food there. At first glance, the supermarket looks a lot like those in the US, but upon inspection, they have packaged their foods quite differently. Here are a few of the foods from the supermarket and from local bakeries.

Here I am enjoying apple stroodle (see below for a close-up of the food):
One of our favorite things about Peru: The wonderful rolls, which, to a first approximation, are free. Okay, they do cost something, but very little. They are fabulous.

Mayonnaise, juice, and milk are sold in non-refrigerated boxes. They are delicious.

The cookies and crackers are also great. Here are our favorites:

We stopped at a local baker and ate hot apple stroodle. Yummy!

I saw these wonderful blueberry muffins in the grocery store and couldn't resist. The only problem: they were olive bread rolls (haceituna), with strong Peruvian olives. We took one bite and couldn't eat any more.


Eric said...

Oh my! You're in trouble now!

Melissa said...

That apple strodle looks delicious! Why do I not remember seeing any good food in Peru? Oh, and when I saw this picture I said to Grace, "I miss Grandpa." She replied, "I miss him too." We love you and Mom.

Sharon said... sure did capture the "flavor" of the photos' subjects here Elder Zimmerman! We could take a bite right out of the laptop screen.'